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You have a story you've been dying to tell. Maybe you've already written it. You're not sure who your audience is and you might not even care. You just want to tell it and see what happens. Or, you may have a secret to success that no one else has and you want to share it for the good of humanity and maybe make a little money. Or, you have a family legacy that needs to be memorialized in words and photos. Or, you made up a children's story for your kids and think it might make a good little children's book.


Any of the above are reasons people become self-published authors. It doesn't mean they will ever become rich and famous, though they may collect a nice group of fans. It means that they have a passion to write about something and make it available instead of letting it sit in obscurity. It costs little or nothing to store a book on Amazon instead of a hard drive.


Self-publishing is the lot of writers with talent, without talent and all those in between. The term vanity press has become the scornful label used to describe us. As if writers who publish through traditional means have no vanity, no ego, no need to be noticed, no desire to make money.


You are not alone. You can see for yourself just by browsing through the Amazon book selections and see the many listed down at the bottom of the one-million plus offerings, those with one or two reviews. It's a wide, wide world of creativity. Yes, a lot of it sucks and sucks badly. A small chunk is outstanding. Then there are the thousands in between.


But you don't care about any of that, do you? You have a passion and you want to publish it. BOO-yah!


Take my free introductory seminar, SELF-PUBLISHING REST STOP, and ponder your writing ethic. If you like it, you can then take SELF-PUBLISHING FOR BEGINNERS for a mere $20 and behold the wisdom I've collected after self-publishing four books. Fine, I call it wisdom. Others might call it rantings. For $20, isn't it worth finding out?


Either way, good luck, keep writing, protect it from theft and don't let anyone talk you out of it.



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