Audiobooks · August 06, 2020
Audiobooks have been gaining in popularity for the last several years and are proving to be an excellent escape during the COVID-19 pandemic
Audiobooks · June 27, 2020
Jail didn't sound so bad to Bud Remmick, a small price to pay for erasing an abusive, blackmailing sociopath from the face of the earth. But...

Audiobooks · June 20, 2020
Time Travel Rescue Audiobook is here!
Author Profiles · January 22, 2020
Garden State tales and trivia, hiding in plain sight

Self Publishing · December 15, 2019
Kindle Create makes both ebook and hard copy publishing easier than ever, BUT...
On Writing · November 28, 2019
No coffee. No cars. No future. Hope lies in the past.

October 27, 2019
Rick goes back in time to the 21st century to try to stop the destruction of the earth before it starts. He doesn't count on falling in love.
Self Publishing · August 31, 2019
So, we're still liking radio?

Author Profiles · July 30, 2019
Tales of good intentions morph into actual good deeds
Author Profiles · June 20, 2019
Adele Kenny's poetry requires you to turn off the TV

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