Time Travel Rescue Sample



INTERROGATOR: Lawrence Caramundi

DATE/ TIME: 11.9.2055, 10:13

PLACE: Planetary Commission, All-purpose room F, Philadelphia


LS: Good morning, Rick. I'd like to talk about how the world got to where it is in, um, 2212.


ES: I've never been great with history. It bores me. I know the basics, though. In the late 21st century, the world's democracies and dictatorships all succumbed to infrastructure collapse, food and water shortages, rampant disease, violence and general disorder on a global scale. It's coming soon, believe me.


LC: How soon?


ES: As I said, history isn't my strong suit. There was the continuing temperature rise, the flooding, the ice-melt, staggering droughts followed by hellish rains. Shorelines eroded, landmasses started shrinking, then drowning, then drying-up as the atmosphere started going haywire. Hence, the slow collapse of all systems over two decades, animals and plants dying off. And of course, the people.


LC: The people?


ES: I've read different numbers, 40-percent, 30-percent. It seems like either no one really knows, or no one wants to know.



LC: The temperature's been going up for decades. You're describing the ultimate worst-case scenario.


ES: I'm done. I got a headache.